Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anatomy of a flower child.

Anatomy of a flower child.
Clusters of romantic epiphanies.
My metaphoric constellation.
A whimsical domestic woman.
The horror. The horror.

Measured violence.
Paradoxical masochism.
Love of mutual disgust.
Disgust of love.
Slow poison. Slower the sting. Slowest the salvation.

Mental Moloch.
A social panic alarm.
A weathered lovenote.
Moist with heartache.
Soothing pretense.
A poised afterlife.

Like solitude. An absentminded lover.
Nails in my veins.
Corroding my flesh.
Bleeding for discretion. Of ignorance.

A dated spirit.
Terminated heart.
A verbal striptease.
You vinyl breathing saint.
Such are your idiosyncrasies.

Gobsmacked fantasies.
The beauty of pathos.
Enslaving obsession.
A whirlpool of bloated guise.

Survivors of extinct.
An ode to a toasted era.

A statistical life lived.
Mocking your gloating gladness.

To a generation of armed roaches.
To morals then, my wrinkled man.

Drivel. All drivel.

Picture courtesy: Pablo Picasso's Guernica.