Friday, March 11, 2011

Bloodless Gore

Picture Courtesy : Fernando Vicente

They called her eloquence.
Whispered of her gothic elegance .

Relics of knotted ache feigning tenderness.
Eyes like tombstones of melting fire.
She embraced the shadows.
Casting longing over them.

She gathers all her bruises,
Nurses them with promises of malevolence.
Guarding the sanctity of her loneliness.
Walking through a smokescreen of whimsical love.
Cut into halves of non-existence.

Of liars and their chronic lies,
The static hollows of their eyes.
Parasites of narcissism.
Heroes of a puny schism.

Slaughter and surrender.
Pouring darkness into the pores of her conscience.

Rotten skin of a softened core.
Bloodless gore.