Friday, November 27, 2009


Pardon me if this piece of writing seems to you, like an unpolished cross between the works of Dan Brown and Sidney Sheldon. I just happen to be a HUGE fan.

[Did you know I dream of genie was produced and co written by Sidney? No? Then shut up. I am number one fan only.]
Also for those of you who happen to be slightly impatient with long posts [no, I aint insulting :| ] bear with me please. It won’t be not worth your time. Promise :)

Here goes :

The alcove with its perished lighting offered but an ironic muted glow to her face.

As he bore his eyes into her charcoal like ones, she couldn’t take it no more.
The sweat percolating under the taut collar of her tweed tinkled her skin everytime it trickled down through her chest over her belly.

Her eyes froze deadpan everytime his lips parted and sighed and shut again offering no solace.
His gaze penetrated into her soul leaving faint traces of gooseflesh through barren skin.
Her knee caps gradually froze with the tension created in her body.
She felt a hollow, rhythmic softness guide her senses.

The venom was undoing rapidly.

“We have done this before”
“Have we? Why is it then that ‘we’ meet here tonight?”
“Is that a question?”
“Do I hear a polyglot asking me that?”
“Spare me.”
“Not tonight.”

The nerves popping through her receding hairline constricted exposing her pale, fermenting skin.

“Can I have it yet?”
“And how inconvenient would it be if I refuse?”

The Styrofoam coffee holders tumbled spilling the remains over the quivery counter carved off shoddy wood as her angry fists came down on it.

The little of the sparse crowd in that deserted ranch house stirred for the while; shrugged it off then, drowning into the emptiness of the ambience.

The voices now muffled, disappearing into the humid air.

“Don’t you understand? I do NOT have the kind of time for your little tricks. Let me have it. You know it is important to me. You know it.”

“And I am not exactly going to do that”

Her wrist is now clasped into a crushing grip throttling her nerves.

“Now listen up bitch. You kill him. Today. And you get your little tootsie back. Or… well, my little tricks always work don’t they hon’? ”

“always the same hon’; always the very same.”

She knew that toothy smile would haunt her till the end of time.
Concealed behind that loathsome grin were intentions which she knew could surpass her wildest, most feared imaginations.

“I can’t.”
“Did my sweet ears hear a no?”
“You can’t make me do this.”
“Try me.”

“But he is my father! You want me to kill my own father?”
“For your own sweet life, now don’t you want THAT so bad hon’?”
“I will not kill my own father. I will NOT, do you hear me?

And are you going to kill ME now? So be it then. Kill me”

“Ah, I don’t poke dead meat hon’. and he aint no father to you, he sold you for the work of god, remember?”
“Do not utter god’s name from the wretched tongue you got; besides my life is none of your business.”
“So do we have a deal cut? Kill the bastard and you get your sweet arse out of this.”

“I won’t.”
“So what about thy blood?”

The lady stops dead in her tracks.

“Do you mean…”
“Ah, do I? Yes I do. Kill your ‘father’ and your Eurague; the holy Eurague which your community lives for will be spared.”
Her head was spinning in circles faster than the ceiling fan overhead. Bile rose steadily through her throat and after what just transpired, it threatened to come out.

She had to end it.

End it now.
“Alright. I’ll kill him. Give me the holy Eurague and I will kill Maurias.”
“AH! The kind of shit your people do for darn words. I wouldn’t do no sort of a thing for a barrel of crack! Where is the world going?”

“Nowhere close to heaven with swine’s like you.”

“Ah, I serve my purpose on earth like the rest of us hon’, only I don’t hide it!
Well, so get to business, we meet here tonight after the murder and you get your shit back, but if you strut your little brains around won’t someone be really sorry?!”

“Two things, don’t call it a murder and don’t call me Hon’ ever again.”

The lady in tweeds stormed off.
She was going to kill her father today. Her foster father.
The man who taught her to floss her teeth, to pick good shells from bad ones at the beaches, to wear her tennis shoes without messing up the laces, and Eurague.
The holy Eurague. For which he had chosen to give his life up. And he had taught her to do the same.

She had sworn to two things in her life.
To not think twice before quitting her life in protecting the Eurague if she had to and to never ever leave her father’s side, no matter what.
Her only family. Her only proof of existence.
And her faith. The faith of her following.

She was at fork tonight.
And all was about to change.

The night of the ‘murder’ she returned the holy eurague to her community after the biggest sin she had ever let herself commit. Holy Eurague the manuscript that held secrets of the protectors of time, the protectors of life and existence was in threat no more.
And in due course of events, the venom did not deceive her.
It took her in whole and washed her chi of all the sins.
It was a self sacrifice.
Only, she didn’t know if the heavens beseeched her presence any more.


pardon me if the post makes you think of my writing as a cross between Sidney shedon and Dan brown, I just happen to be another one of the starry eyed fans.
Also, some of you impatient ones [ I aint insulting, really :) ] might find it a little lenghty. bear with me. It wont be not worth the time. I promise *angel halo*
[two negatives - positve :D ]
please bear with me.
here goes.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


odd things forever have evened me out.
so well, on 19th birthday I chose to start another blog.
This wont dissapear in a few days. I swear.
*angel halo*

this is an extract from my facebook note. so be kind and leave a comment here too :)

*drums roll.*
ok lame. sorry.

SO, Day begins with cussing at people expected to be wishing at 12.
Dweebos dropped in at 12 with a cake [shocking more than surprising after the we're-out-of-town excuses which like a nincompoop I totally fell for X_X ].

received the most unique gifts, with embarrasing pictures ofcourse .[had to be ]
Gorging sessions in four different places till excreatory organs even would take it no more.
[ Mad over donuts - F.A.B ♥ ]

Lot of reminiscing over the past. possible marriage and then divorce scenario's discussed over puke provoking citrus-rich lemon Ice Tea.
[ beaches do that to women. wait, or maybe it was the Ice tea this time ]
Had a absafrigginglutely brill day with gorgeous people who are officialy the best things that ever happened to her ♥

people who shine :
Ambuddhi :) [ taking a day off from work for an aspirant CA is a TASK]
you made it happen. it indeed was the bestestEST burdai EVER
Krupru [themes :o :o I didnt know that could happen !! :o ♥ ]
Rasna [ kasara bitch : love♥ ]
Gala [ It's around my wrist :) ]
Rittoo [thank you madame for remembering I exist :P ]
RinRin [ I officially come before fantasies! YAY YAY :P :D thankoo !! ]

The mug holds the section of pride on my lappie table :) I really never expected this one!!

People who were sorely missed but showered me with calls instead: papuddi and praty ♥ ♥
[ loved the cards :D and yes, I will be happy always :) ]

People who made it unique:
Ankit: you did make me smile throughtout the day :) thank you !!
Preeta: kick that loser on the bum. thank you, you ♥
deeskha: I miss you love :( and raksha ofcourse ! :)
masa : I officially LOVE bouquet's now !!! very unexpected and thoughtful :) choco almond has always been my favourite ♥
gala's mum : thankoo aunty, I'll get another piercing soon ;)
anita patchi : gorgeous bangles. I ♥

sexy hippie tee. HOT sling. two hours of rigorous gaming and then london dreams : courtesy chachu n chachu ♥ thankoo :D
[ I single-handedly earned 44 tickets in boxing and virtual bowling.
yeah, NOW call me anorexic * satisfied grins*
oh and ranvijay is gorgeous♥ and salman CAN act :o ]

Nailbed-licking worthy food, favourite archies cards, gorgeous clothes, killer shoes [ they sort of still hurt though ] : ammu ♥ always!

Hair and 'thobada' that still feels and reeks of whipped cream and chocolate [ after hour long sessions of washing, scrubbing and finally scratching with coconut skin ]courtesy : too many to mention. which is not a good thing X_X
it was supposed to be my special birthday talent *sniff*

Ugly sty courtesy: me.
Fab day courtesy: mum :) ami, rachana[ amin/gala], mahfrin, ritu, krupa.
You are all officially my rockstars ♥
not that you werent until now. just, you know for the record !! *khi khi*
this more than made up for my screwing the 18th !!

dad, pratyusha and omkar.
screw the distance, you're all always right here :)

and everybody else for all your kind wishes :) the special inbox mesages, the calls from people not expected to remember... special would be an understatement to describe my feelings :)

and for those who didnt, well screw you. I wont wish you next year.
yes yes, my brains no? stopped growing in 7th only :)
and no, not with my height. it isnt funny anymore : some post birthday exemption?
*puppy dog eyes*
oh and only one bloody year left.
welcome wrinkles, poppy nerves, and bald patches.
they've already arrived.

nineteen it is!

and melodrama is indeed my middle name :)
that will be all.